Rebate Day Promotion Tips

Sirloin Stockade wants your Rebate Day fundraiser to be a success! Use the following tips and guidelines to help promote your event.

  • Make sure every group member has a coupon. If a copy is needed, you can direct them to the page you are now on:
  • Announce your event on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media sites that group members use.
  • Make sure followers know where to get a coupon or include the coupon image in your social media posts. Images are available for download on our website.
  • Make sure followers know that the coupon must be presented to the cashier when they order.
  • If your group has a website, update it with your Rebate Day info for those people who do not use social media.
  • Where permitted, place copies of the coupon in public places and on bulletin boards. Please note that coupons are not permitted to be dropped off or passed out at the Sirloin Stockade restaurant.

For maximum exposure, start promoting early!

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