Rebate Day General Information

Rebate Day events at Sirloin Stockade are a great way to raise money for your group or organization. When you partner with us, we will donate 15% of each receipt that is accompanied with a coupon. Please read the information below and contact Lisa Carver at 270-753-0440 to schedule your event.


  • Rebate Day events may be scheduled Monday through Thursday and coupons are valid from open to close (11:00 am until 9:00 pm).
  • Customer must give coupon to cashier at the time of purchase.
  • Coupons are not allowed to be dropped off or passed out at the restaurant.
  • 15% of all receipts turned in with coupon will be donated. The following day, we will send you an email with the pickup date for the check.

What We Do

  • Create a customized coupon
  • Hold a drawing for a FREE BUFFET to guests who have entered their name and phone number on the back of the coupon.
  • Post the Rebate Day date and coupon on our website (within 24-48 hours of scheduling)
  • Post on our Facebook and Twitter pages on the morning of your Rebate Day
  • Issue a check for 15% of receipts that were accompanied with a coupon

What You Do

  • Distribute your coupon and promote your Rebate Day.

Note: To ensure a successful fundraiser, it is essential that your group participates in getting the word out. For tips on promoting your event, please see the ‘Rebate Day Tips’ tab.

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